• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

Achieving Financial Freedom through Binary Options Trading

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We are all looking for a way to achieve financial freedom, whether this means getting ourselves debt free or having a large pension to fall back on when we retire. There is an incredibly immense market out there, full of opportunities for you to invest your money in. If, however, you are looking for something quicker than a 10 year investment plan, binary options trading may be a more suitable solution for your needs.

Hi, my name is Javier Yep Garcia (for those that don't know me yet), in this post I am going to tell you a quick overview about Binary Options Trading as one of the tools you can use to make some money in order to help you achieve the financial freedom you are looking for.


I want to be very clear about the fact that I am not pretending to convince you that Binary Options Trading is the only tool or the only way you need to make money, no!. I just want to say that you can use Binary Options as one more tool to help you make money. I am confident about this as I use it myself. At the same time I want to be very clear that I am not here to push anyone to use this trading system, you are free to use it or not and at your own responsibility.

Once you get good practice with the trading platform which is very easy to understand, (there are just two options, “Call or Up” and “Put or Down” in a fixed delay.) you can start making money day by day as I do. 

Very Important!: Before I continue, I want you to understand from now on that Binary Options is not as easy as you have been hearing out there. In fact, Binary Options works only after you start to have a decent knowledge about trading and charts analysis. Also, do not believe on robots for Binary Options, they DON'T WORK! (this is a link to a post in my forum about robots)

Below I am going to pass you one or two tips for you to go in the right direction with binary options. Before that I will obviously tell you some general info about this trading system.


Binary options trading is a simple approach to investing in the stock market, and has extremely quick payout opportunities with moderate risk. Please note, even if you continously hear that even a total newbie can make it, please stay prudent regarding this statement, because I have seen so many times, so many newbies (person that are new in the Trading world) getting burned and ended up with wiped out accounts to zero dollars!.
However, I must also say that once you get the basic in and outs of binary options trading and lot of practice, you will be well on your way to a life of financial freedom you have only been able to imagine up until now.


Before you begin investing in binary options, you need to know the basics.
For each company you invest in, you can decide whether their stock value will increase or decrease. (please note that here I am using the exemple of stocks but you can also place your bets on Commodities, Forex, Indices)


You decide how much you invest, and you will know at what percentage or value the binary payout will be before you even place your bet.

Usually the binary payout percentage is at 75-85%, giving you a very solid payback if you are successful in your investment. Since you choose how much to invest, you are in full control of the amount you stand to lose if things don’t go your way.

So, for example if you invest $500.00 into Company Z, with the assumption that their stock will increase in the next hour, you could stand to win a minimum of $375 on top of your original $500. This essentially gives you a 50/50 shot at dramatically increasing your investment in a very short period of time.

Ok this is the main idea of Binary Options and it all sound easy in the theory, but many times in the practice, the direction you choose (Up or Down) does not follow your prediction, so here is the risk. And here is the part where I say, some knowledge would be better in order to have your predictions more accurate.

Armed with a little bit of market know how, that percentage will increase in your favor. Binary options trading is a great route to quickly increase your financial situation, with lower risk than the traditional stock market investments. It is important however, that you take the necessary precautions to make sure you are making your dream of financial freedom a reality, and not hindering it by throwing your money around irresponsibly.

MONEY MANAGEMENT AND FUNDAMENTALS RESEARCH - Binary Options is not a 'Get Rich Quick Scheme'

Money-Management-Tip-Binary-OptionsThere are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is important that you take total control over your risk. Since you choose how much to invest, you choose how much you are letting yourself be liable to lose. By making smarter and smaller investments, and avoiding the temptation to invest large sums to increase your payout, you will enable yourself to keep control of your risk. This is Money Management in Trading and it not only applies to Binary Options, it also applies to Forex, Stock Market, etc...

Many people fall into the trap of get rich quick schemes, but you need to avoid seeing binary options trading as this kind of opportunity. Once you lose the control, you will most likely lose your investment. Keep your cool, and don’t forget slow and steady wins the race. You stand to make much more money on multiple small investments, than chancing it all on high risk bets that can end in financial ruin.

Another important thing to remember is to research the investments you make, before you make them. When you are putting your money into a company based totally on word of mouth or assumptions, you are putting your money at risk. You need to research your investments: what have they done, what are they projected to do, what is being said about them in newspapers and blog sites... only then will you have a solid foundation to start working from. Without research you increase your risk enormously, and put yourself in a vulnerable position for no reason.

Armed with these easy tips, you are well on your way to achieving financial freedom. If you play it smart, you could be quitting your job and living the life you always imagined in no time. Binary options trading is a fantastic route to a solid financial future, giving you a much desired freedom that otherwise would be much more difficult to achieve.


There are plenty of platforms you can use out there, you probably would want to make a search on google and find the platform (broker) that suits your needs. In fact most of them are very similar if we talk about the platform where you place your trades (positions), and there are also platforms that look different than the majority of platforms you will see out there.



I have tried few of them but for ethical reasons, I am just going to mention the one I currently use so we can avoid negatives feelings with those platforms I have abandoned, most of the time because their poor usability (platforms not easy to use) or because their flexibility in Expiration of bets are not as good as the one I use today.
So, I use this trading platform because I have found that the spread is almost Zero or Zero on the prices, and also because the Expiration choice in minutes is very flexible by far. I have briefly explained about this in my forum post here: Binary Options Brokers

binary com(This one is my preferred platform)


  1. Ok number one tip is of course to have a look at the “Call and Put” vertical (horizontal in some cases, as the platform below) bar which is always displaying the percentage of the tendency on whatever up or down. These percentages represents the decisions made from other users including expert traders. Remember, not all platforms have this feature. Attention! this is not a rule, even when you follow what the majority of traders say, the position end up by be a looser one!.


  2. The second tip is about the use of your mt4 platform or any other platform where you can see charts of the pairs, commodities, indices... at a glance. The trick is to use Trends Bars or Channels on your charts so you can see if what is being said by other users on the tip above, is accurate enough, if “Yes”, then you can place your position. The chances to gain the position goes very high. The chart below is using a trend indicator (you can find trend indicators all over the web, most of them are free.)
    With the mt4 platform (charts) or the platform you prefere, you can use any technique suits the best for you. I am just giving the example of the Trend bars here. 
    The posibilities are endless with the help of these charts and all the good indicators, that is why real Forex Traders succeed with Binary Options, the others (newbies) just keep lossing their money (for the pleasure of the brokers)


  3. It is important to know, as a third tip, to never overtrade. Keep calm and wise, place your positions when you see it right. All depends on the strategy you use for trading. If you ask me, I only trade 1 - 5 trades per day. Never try to recover lost trades by trading more hoping that you are going to recover those previous losses, because you will most probably going to loose even more!

  4. As a fourth tip and probably the most important, is to open and monitor this page because there you will see a live trading actions taken by myself. Of course, it will be better if you understand the method I use in order to understand that live trading page.
    To learn How to Use this method, please contact me.


Some brokers do not accept traders from specific countries, such for example, Binary (B.O.M) broker does not accept traders from USA. And yes Binary is my preferred broker because it has zero spread and better choice on expiration minutes.

To come in help to my american friends (but not limited to them!), I let you know that I have my Private Fund Mgmt. backed by Binary Options trading available where I offer a return of 80 - 300% per year on your investment. You can read about the program here:


Ok friends, that's it for now. I hope you will take the most of this information and that you will have fun and fortune with binary options. I insist, you must be careful tough!
If you don't want to worry about trading, analysing the markets, news, etc, Just enter my Private Fund Mgmt. program and we will trade for you! We are currently having results of around 200 - 300% in 6 months of trading. Contact me for more information.