• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

Our Trading Plan for Binary Options, CAC40, DAX30 and WallStreet


This post about our Trading Plan is tied to our Private Fund Mgmt., meaning that we are using this trading plan to make the investments grow in our program.
We are writing this post in order to come in answer to traders and investors willing to enter our investment program and/or start trading with us using our Binary Options Signals.

The Instruments

In our Trading Plan for Binary Options we include only the Indices (Index) and those are:
CAC40 (French index),
DAX30 (German index) and


We limit our Binary Options trading to these instruments because they are what we know the most and we have developed our very own techique which can not be applied to other instruments such currencies, commodities or stocks.

Trading Frequency

We trade only during the European Session and US Session. The number of trades per day is between 0 to 5 trades per day. We do not overtrade and we certainly prefer to not to trade if we don't see clear trades on the market, in other words, there are days that we have 0 trades because we simply don't feel the market will be on our side.

It is important to undestand that if we have some days without any trade, it is because there is a reason, it is because we don't see clear trades and we don't want to take the risk if it is too high, this risk.

Technique and Strategy

We use m5 charts and we trade on an Intraday based technique.
We use a number of indicators and charts that allow us to make the best predictions and/or avoid losses when the risk is too high.
Volume is very important to us and we will not perfom trades when the volumes are low.
Risk Management and Capital Preservation techniques are very present in our Trading Plan and Strategy, we prefer to go slow and steady rather than fast and risky.


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