• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

Binary Options Strategy, Any Expires.

This Binary Options strategy will help you operate with any expiries you want, from 15 seconds to 1 day or week. (attention, available expires are subject to each broker offers. Note that some brokers are more flexible than others in terms of expires available)
Note, you can use any broker. On the video we are using our prefered broker Binary . (Expire choices are more flexible)

Strategy Explanation

This strategy is based on the use of a Forex indicator (works only on mt4 platform). This indicator try to predict the direction of the next candle(s), no matter on what Time Frame (forex chart) we are watching/trading.
In the video below we took the example using 1 minute charts and 5 minute chart (for Gold) because obviously we could not make a raw video with 1 day or 1 week expires. (lenght issues) (note that we don't like to edit nor cut our videos, so you see the real thing)

So, knowing that our Indicator tells us the possible direction of the next candle, we take advantage of it and place our position (Call or Put) depending on the color of the Dots (Red for Put, and Green for Call)

When to use 20, 30, 50 or 60 seconds?

Ok, instead of "When" I would say "Why to use 20, 30... seconds?" - After having some time using this indicator signal, you will discover that the signal only appears between second '8 and second '30 after the opening of the next candle (this is why I always recommend to use a watch/clock. The Market Watch is better, so you can see the candle seconds going and remaining).
Knowing the above, we understand that we have between 30 to 50 seconds remaining to have the candle closed, therefore, using 30 or 50 seconds EXPIRE is the most logic and increase the possibilities to win the trade.

In other words, When we see the signal, already 10 to 30 seconds have passed in the life of the candle we are trading, therefore, we have 30 to 50 seconds before this candle closes. 

Please note that in the video I mention that I like to use 50 seconds expire, but I also like to use 30 seconds expire. All depends when you want your position to close, in the first candle or in the second-next candle? Again, the use of the Market Watch is key!

Of course you can still use 60 seconds expire, but for this strategy, doing so, your position will close at the second-next candle (after 2 candles from the signal) and not the first-next candle as we wanted. And obviously when this happens, we are increasing the chances to loose the trade, and if you win the trade it will be pure luck.

Constant Work

Remember the basics! This is a constant work, looser trades always happen, so you must be prepared psychologically for it and continue working to obtain a high rate of winner trades at the end of your day or week or month. 

The Video

You can watch it on full-screen (click on the right-bottom-corner) so you can see better, the indicator and the numbers.

Best Times to Trade this strategy

Please note that this is an estimation made and despite they are real, these times are not an absolute rule. You must find out yourselves what are the best times your side.

Times are in CET (Central European Time)

10h - 11h00: Signals are pretty good specially on the 1 minute chart.
11hh00 - 13h30: Signals can be good but low volume on candle. Risky.
14h - 17h30: Signals tend to be bad and also find that market gets just too slow. GBPAUD make exception here.
18h30 - 20h30: Signals are good. I notice here that the expires are winners mostly at the second-next candle.
21h - 21h30: Signals are bad.
22h45: Signals are good.
23h40: Signals are bad.
00h30: Signals are good.
01h00 - 03h00: Signals are bad.
04h00 - 05h30: Signals are good, mostly on GBPAUD and some Gold. (using 30 seconds expire)
05h30 - 06h00: Signals are fine but only using 50 - 60 seconds expire which will close the position on the second-next candle.
06h00 - 06h30: Signals are good specially on EURJPY and Gold
08h00 - 09h00: Signals are not good specially on EURJPY and GBPAUD. Gold seams to make exception here.

Trading the News on Binary Options is not recommended

While I do recommend to trade the News ( Real Time Economic Calendar ) on Forex and CFD, I DON'T recommend trading the News on Binary Options because the possibilities of loosing the trades are very high. 
Trading the News on BO, is worthless, because on BO we make profit at the Expire not by Pips as we do on FX and CFD. (Trading the News on FX and CFD is very recommended if you know what you are doing.)

The Indicator

Remember that I am a capitalist, a core and real one, so for that reason I am giving you this indicator for €89.00 Yes it is a ridiculous price for a great trading-helper, but remember again! For a core capitalist, even 1 cent is money.
The indicator works only on mt4. 

SKRILL , Send payment €89.00 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., subject: "Indicator 19"

Enjoy! and make a lot of money!