Preparing for the coming economic crisis, 2015 - 2016

  • no crisisLadies and Gentlemen, let's make this very clear right before starting to write this article. This article does not pretend to confirm the fact that a new economic crisis is coming by the next 2 years, instead, it is an interpretation and trying to predict the financial future of the markets based on historical facts and past and current information.

"There is no crisis for those that prepare for crisis"

"Growth is our priority and goal, we will do everything to generate growth."

Let's go with the facts!

The 7 Year Cycle of Economic Crashes

Many, and that includes high ranked financial personalities, believe that somehow our financial and economic path is connected and follows the well known "7 Year Cycle"
Just a quick note. Today the world is connected and the economy is globalized, meaning that everything that happens in the USA, Europe, Asia or any place, hits the whole world in a matter of months. An economic independence for a country does not exists, even for Switzerland. 

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Tips to be a successful trader, Binary Options, Forex, Stocks...


Dear traders, in this article I am going to describe some important points to make your trading a successful journey. This is based on my own experience and tied to my Trading Method.

1- You must have a Trading Plan. You must trade what you know and always trade the same instruments that you perfectly know. Trading everything anytime for the sake of trading will just lead you to fail. Having a Trading Plan does not mean that you will never loose, we all loose positions sometimes and that is perfectly normal, but this Trading Plan will always help you to stay on focus and come back when consecutive loses arise, because simply, you know what you are trading, you know the instruments you are trading, in other words, You Know What You Are Doing. 

2- Risk Management. How many times have we been tempted to enter a position with big lot-size? There are times that you feel so sure about a position that you want to place big money on it. You never have to fall into that temptation, else, you could have your account wiped out in just few trades.
It is imperative to apply a Risk Management strategy. Use a small amount (2 - 10% of your balance) on every trade. Never use more than that.

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