Social Media Marketing Tips

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If you’ve spent any amount of time marketing online, you already know the benefits of using social media to get the word out about your product or business. Most online marketers and SEO “gurus” talk about increasing your SEO rankings and increasing your sales – but most of them don’t know how to actually generate leads and increase sales. 

Here are some tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your social media strategies. 

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign 

  • Know what it is you want to accomplish: Yes this may seem very basic, but it’s actually the most important step in your online marketing efforts, regardless of the platforms you use. There are only three things you should be doing on any given social network: increasing your brand awareness, building customer loyalty, and increase your sales by getting people to buy more frequently. Until you can do this, all of your other efforts will be for naught.  
  • Narrow your niche: Again, very basic but you’d be surprised at how many people just don’t do this. You can’t be all things to all people. Facebook may have millions of users, but not all of them will want your product or service. Know who your target audience is and cater all of your marketing messages toward that market only. If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, try narrowing your niche even further. 

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Twitter, Your Friend on Your Marketing Campaigns

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What can you get across in 140 characters or less? Most people find it difficult to relay their points  but today’s most popular social media sharing site, Twitter is an essential tool to learn for any good marketing strategy. Understanding how to use Twitter is the primary step.

Your Twitter Name

You need to choose a logical and easy to remember Twitter name for your marketing strategy you are not afraid to write on business cards. This means do not put something derogatory as your screen name or company’s name. You should always attempt to incorporate you company’s name. Sometimes this might not be possible. If it is not possible then you should quickly refer back to what you are doing. Use some kind of combination of your screen name and company name. 

In 2007 Twitter became its own spin-off company. This company was developed form a series of developmental stages which were meant to serve small groups of people to provide them quick information. Today, Twitter is used to send information out to large groups of people. Twitter will soon begin ranking tweets due to the sheer number of tweets each day!

Today there is an average of 340 million tweets sent out every day! People are posting and reading on Twitter. Not using Twitter to advertise your product is like closing out an essential marketing tool. Today’s markets require attention to the younger crowds. This is primarily due to the fact that they spend much of their lives on the internet. In fact it is rumored that the average American will go broke because they cannot decide upon which will be the best vehicle as they knew nothing about the ins and outs of it.

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Panda and Penguin, Thank you Google!

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Google Panda and Google Penguin are the most recent algorithms to come out of the Google family to improve the operability of their ranking systems. The algorithms are meant to exclude poor quality websites from higher rankings on the internet. Google Panda was first released in 2011. This was meant as a means of ranking sites with lesser quality content. 

Google Penguin is the name of the algorithm update in April of 2012. Since then many webmasters have seen their rankings lower themselves considerably.  If a particular site violated the Google Webmasters guidelines then it was punished by lower rankings or excluded altogether. Although this is a rare occurrence, Google has been known to staunchly kick out those sites purposefully implementing black hat techniques.

The Violations

The violations considered black hat include keyword stuffing, cloaking words, participating in linking schemes, along with the intentional duplication of material on your site and so much more.These will lead directly to drastic lower rankings.

Google has especially designed these to begin punishing those sites participating in over-optimization. This means the most intentional use of search engine optimization techniques. They will usually sense this by determining what is real content and what content is meant to gain higher rankings. Content geared towards increased rankings will be easily penalized content. 

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White or Black Hat Techniques, You Choose

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most elementary principals of internet marketing today. In fact most people who think SEO often think of some sort of malicious content-poor site. In today’s market this is no longer true.

There are various safeguards created by different search engines including Google and Bing which protect sites offering information-rich content articles from the hazardous and toxic ranking-deceptions of malicious SEO practices.

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Javier Yep Garcia, A Quick Overview

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Straight to the point, this website will show my services as Website Development, Online Marketing (including SEO), Online Project Management and Financial Advice (mostly on Forex, Commodities and Binary Options Trading). 

As I am a person whom likes to live the life and to be always in balance, in the blog section, I will include some of my activities on my everyday life, beside of working of course.

That's is for now friends, stay tuned... ;) And for those that need to contact me for any project discussion, please do so by using the contact form here, I will get back to you at the speed of light.

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