• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

Twitter, Your Friend on Your Marketing Campaigns

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What can you get across in 140 characters or less? Most people find it difficult to relay their points  but today’s most popular social media sharing site, Twitter is an essential tool to learn for any good marketing strategy. Understanding how to use Twitter is the primary step.

Your Twitter Name

You need to choose a logical and easy to remember Twitter name for your marketing strategy you are not afraid to write on business cards. This means do not put something derogatory as your screen name or company’s name. You should always attempt to incorporate you company’s name. Sometimes this might not be possible. If it is not possible then you should quickly refer back to what you are doing. Use some kind of combination of your screen name and company name. 

In 2007 Twitter became its own spin-off company. This company was developed form a series of developmental stages which were meant to serve small groups of people to provide them quick information. Today, Twitter is used to send information out to large groups of people. Twitter will soon begin ranking tweets due to the sheer number of tweets each day!

Today there is an average of 340 million tweets sent out every day! People are posting and reading on Twitter. Not using Twitter to advertise your product is like closing out an essential marketing tool. Today’s markets require attention to the younger crowds. This is primarily due to the fact that they spend much of their lives on the internet. In fact it is rumored that the average American will go broke because they cannot decide upon which will be the best vehicle as they knew nothing about the ins and outs of it.

Setting up your profile

After figuring out your name, you need to complete your ‘About’ page accurately. Do not underestimate the importance of this. It remains absolutely essential to get the most out of your internet exploring to accurately describe your business by objectives, services, products, etc. Forgetting to do this could cost you in terms of profile search ability.  Whenever you are attempting to create your own Twitter for your business without the assistance of a professional, just remember to get the best artwork you can for your profile. You do not want to underestimate the importance of this either. In fact, do so at your own risk! Make sure that the pictures represent your business in terms of service. Make sure that it is professional. You do not want to post a mediocre picture. This picture will represent your business to the world while on twitter.

Did you know there are more devices connected to the internet than people in the world? That’s right, for each person there are a few internet devices awaiting use. You should never attempt to ignore such a gleaming opportunity. Do not underestimate your Twitter marketing. It will always allow you to gain full access to all marketing about your business. But be sure to keep your professional and personal accounts separate! This will become even more important as time goes by and you need to make a sharp disconnect form you business.

Posting Valuable Information

Posting relevant information in only one hundred and forty character may at first quite in fact seem like a daunting challenge but it gets easier with time as you learn to prioritize information. Prioritizing this information will make it more likely to be pinpointed by Twitter as important. Twitter and similar devices do not favor nonchalant babble. It must be relevant and interesting. You should always offer your specials on Twitter. More people will have access to them through this.

Using Twitter as a primary marketing tool is on the forefront of every business-like mind. This is because people understand that Twitter is here to stay. Having survived the Facebook onslaught with flying colors, Twitter will always be a popular option among young adults and the more general population. Allowing yourself to be taken in by the Twitter account for your business you will find that you become increasingly busy with clientele directly off the internet. This will also reduce your need for paid advertising.

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