• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

Link Building Packages, The Business of the Scammers.

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Laugh some with this usual Link Building package:

1500 inbound links
500 directories submission
500 articles
... ... etc ...
All completed in 1 week!

Yes you can laugh big time, these types of offers are still on the market, but let's face it and let's say it, these scam offers are still on the market because many buyers and webmasters do not have the necessary deep knowledge about SEO techniques, specially about Link Building and certainly also not aware about what is Google Cache and What it does. Those webmasters and site owners are easy victims. 

This week only, I have already received consultations of more than 20 site owners that have been scammed. After reviewing the work done by their hired SEO Experts, none or very few of the links built were usefuls or valid in terms of Link Building Strategy. 

I think it is time to understand How SEO works and How Link Building works. You are the only ones who can stop becoming victims of those pseudo-SEO Experts. Learn with the information below:

How people are getting scammed with the Link Building packages?

Let's describe some facts about reports, so you can avoid being scammed:

  • Report, Timing and Google Cache. Be careful if you receive a report of the work done, too fast. Serious link building campaings take time, at least 1 month for a reasonable number of links, and aproximately 1 month is the fair amount of time that Google takes to cache a webpage, so your posted link (this can vary from sites to sites and from pages to pages, from cached everyday to cached every 2 months...).
  • To know if your links posted are valid, make this simple step:
  • Go to and search for this: and verify if your link is already there. If your link is not there, then you should wait few more days and repeat this search, until you will see your link. If after 15 days aproximately (this can vary from sites to sites and from pages to pages, from cached everyday to cached every 2 months...), you are still not seeing your link on a cached page, you can start to worry because your link is not valid and you can be scammed.
  • A cached page looks like this example: cache:
  • In that cached page you can see the date of the latest cached page and also you can see the text mode of the site.
  • Note: The scam occurs when that page has never been cached before and will probably never be cached by google, and that will mean your link will be useless or not valid in terms of Link Building. Do not pay for this link!


NOFOLLOW tag. This is happening very often these days. Your links are being posted on blogs or forums that use the nofollow tag and that means your links are not being followed, nor crawled by Google. These links are also useless and obviously you don't want to pay for this.

To see if your links posted are not attached with this kind of tag, make the following:

With your mouse, right click on your link and then click on "Inspect element" (Firefox and Chrome), look around your link for this tag, like this:

<a rel="nofollow" href="">Your Site's Name</a>

If there is not the "nofollow" tag, then your link is good and valid.


Referral sites, Are they related to your business?. I understand more people are aware of this practice and that is good. But for those that are still thinking they can post their link everywhere, as much as possible, this is for you:

Posting your links everywhere on sites that are not related to your business are simply useless and even harmful. Even though your link passed well the 2 situations above (Google cache and nofollow tag), posting links on no related sites can harm your site's ranking and PR without doubt. So please, don't pay for those harmful links. 


That's it with this and I hope you understand these points, so we can save time everywhere. So please do me a favor, forget those Link Building packages that cheat.

Now let's go back to work :)