• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

Trading Ideas 30th Nov, Before FED Interest Rates on December


The Interest Rates Hike on December is now a strong possibility. The uncertainty we were having the past weeks is "somehow" disappearing giving place to a "more clear" view of the markets. Of course we can't take this for granted. We can even say "don't be surprise if uncertainty comes back this coming weeks"  


Trading Ideas (Nov. 30th)

GOLD: As expected and stated in our previous posts, Gold price is still falling and now is at 1058.00. New SELL positions can be placed at this current level. Selling opportunities at pullbacks. 
It is possible to see GOLD at lower prices this coming week and forward.

EURUSD: Current price is 1.05903. We are already selling higher. New SELL positions will be added this week. Pullbacks up will be opportunities to sell more. New (lower) targets 1.03, 1.02...

USDCAD: Buy recommended for this week, we could have the price go up to 1.34, 1.35 levels and even higher.

WTI OIL: SELL recommended. But we suggest to wait until friday this coming week, because price can go up to 45, 46, 48 levels before dropping. Alternative scenario is that price can drop right from monday this coming week. Targets can be 39, 38, 35 levels.


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