• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

The End of OIL WTI Is Around The Corner.


This article is not News, it is a quick confirmation of the situation in the OIL industry.
In the past three years, OIL investors have lost lot of money with their investments in the OIL Industry, and every day that pass it becomes more clear that the future of the world is without OIL. In fact, it is a reality.

A future without OIL is already in the vision of many countries including the largest producer, Saudi Arabia. This larger producer of OIL is already working on alternatives for sources of energy. (Saudi Arabia looks beyond oil to exploit its sunshine)

Cars. Can we think that in the future, near future, we will continue driving cars with gasoline/diesel engines?, well you know the answer, "No". I think we don't need much explanation on this anymore, the path is clear.  (Electric cars Tesla)

Plastic. New processes already in advanced development are now able to produce plastic without the use of OIL, but instead, carbon capture technology that combines air with methane emissions to produce a plastic material called AirCarbon. - See more at:

And those above are just examples that are clearly showing the inevitable transition.
Living in Denial (and investing on OIL today) will only put the investor in a bad situation in a near future if not now.

The End of Oil is a reality, adapt or die.


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