• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

NZDUSD Forecast. Coming downside


UPDATE: 28th Aug./ After the #JacksonHole Event with Yellen's speech we come back to see this pair for the possible downside from current price (0.72400

Many will stay cautious because NFP coming this week.

Unfortunately the targets possible for now are only around 60 - 100 pips. because I don't see yet a strong still Selling. The Interest Rates Hike possibility can still fade. The NZDUSD pair can still have a chance to go up again. Current targets could be around 0.71752 , 0.71357. Caution.

The second scenario right now is start to go up from this current point 0.72400 as the Rate Hike possibility fades. (if)


NZDUSD Forecast. 

Current price is 0.71220 
We have initiated a Sell at 0.71335, we are going to look to target the 0.69, 0.67 levels.

Pullbacks expected in the process.

We will look at the New Zealand Interest Rates decision on Wednesday. We will cut position if necessary.



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