• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

SP500 FUTURES. We are catching the drop. Interest Rates Hike.


As many are expecting that the FED will not be able to hike the Interest Rates, the prices in the Indices have tried to go up some more but recent comments of FED Officials suggest that the hike could be very possible and soon, sending the SP500, DOW, NASDAQ... to a SELLOFF reaction.

In the Trading Room Live we are catching the drop a little bit late (2138.25) but we are in. Price right now is at 2121.50 in small profit. Position is now protected with SL and targeting 2108, 2110. 
We don't think the prices will continue falling longer. (We will close position if we see a reversal.)

In GOLD we are doing similar. (selling momentarily)



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