• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

GOLD Forecast. Heading to higher. 1255 on view


GOLD Forecast. Medium term outlook.

Currently we are buying GOLD.

We are targetting 1235, 1250.

Current price (Monday 6th) is 1221 and already engaging for higher prices. Even if pullbacks down a little, possibly to 1205 max/around, we can see it going up again to head to targets above.

Trading Idea

As mentioned above, pullbacks can occur in the process, which we can use for buying opportunities. 
Charts 1h, 4h and D1.

Can GOLD go much higher?

Too soon to answer the question, but the possibility for GOLD to go much higher (1290, 1300) is becoming possible. We will wait some more in order to have a more clear view. But currently this possibility is still fragile. (Updates and signals in the Trading room)



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