• Written by Javier Yep Garcia

Dow, Nasdaq... All dropped last week. Now what? Buy or Sell?

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Nasdaq Futures currently at 6505.00 which is a fine attempt to rebound. However it seams like a strong rebound is not going to happen as for now.

A range can happen for some time (see chart below)

Range top (around) : 6725

Range bottom (around) : 6275

This range might extend until mid-March (or before).

A rebound can happen as the range progress. 

A deep crash with a continuous selloff is not in the view of anybody. A catastrophic scenario is very unlikely.

The BUY opportunities and positions are going to start to show sometime soon. 



Trading Idea

(Risky) Start buying now at 6505.00 and hold until it breaks out, it can take days/weeks. OR Wait next days or week in order to see how it is consolidating as it tries to rebound. (Waiting few more days is good idea...)



Can DOW, NASDAQ... drop much much more?

They can drop a little more (in the case that happens). But not a deep crash on view. They will all rebound later.


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