About me

Hi and welcome to my website, my name is Javier Yep Garcia, certified in Finances and Management in Geneva, Switzerland.
13 years of experience trading on Forex, CFD, Options and Binary Options.

This website is about that, Forex, CFD, Options and Binary Options trading and Online Marketing, Brand Awareness, Webdevelopment, Online Project Management.
Recently I have opened my Private Fund Management Investment Program to the public and I am currently working to achieve the management of 2 to $5 Millions in the very near future (about 2 years).

I am currently looking for like minded people and talented people to go together on this adventure, infact I am already working actively to find those persons.

I have several talents, but currently I want to exploit my hard worked resulted talent on the different trading disciplines, which is allowing me to make accounts grow in a decent period of time. With this talent in my hands, I want to find the necessary people to start managing larger amounts of money and make it grow securely.

I live in Europe and I am most of time between Geneva and Barcelona. I love the sea and like to surf or maybe just having a walk on the shore.

If you want to be part of a great move, then you are here, in the right place. 

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