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Christopher D. (London)

April 20, 2015

“ Have you ever heard, The best work is made by the crazy ones?, well, He is one of those. You have to meet with him. :)" 


Sandra Molina (California)

Jan 22, 2015

“ I am a Forex trader myself, with experience. By curiosity I came to him to see what he has to show. Wow! He has those simple yet effective tools that I could´nt see them before!, I am making money now!  ”


Robert90 (New York)

Dec 12, 2014

“ This guy is going to blow your mind with his straighforward attitude! I sometimes blame him because the lack of communication, but then you keep your mouth shut when he comes with the results. Forex trading. ”


Laeticia D. (Paris, France)

Nov 24, 2014

“ Well, I asked Javier to teach me how to trade Binary Options and he told me to first learn Forex trading, I was in shock with such response. That was simply the truth. I was totally blind before meet with Javier! ”


Hans_Cornelius (Germany)

Nov 14, 2014

“ No words for Javier. He is just amazing. I was looking for a Binary Options mentor and he came straight with the truth. It was not pleasent to hear because it was totally different than all information given by all those self-proclamed gurus, but after continuing working with him, now I understand what is the truth. Thanks Javier! ”


martinjr88 (Malaysia)

Jul 11, 2013

“ Javier is a very easy to work with! A friendly person and dedicated to his work. Top notch scriptlance member, recommended for those who want serious programmer behind their project! ”


sharespace (United States)

Apr 30, 2013

 Great follow through and experience with this worker. 


obuk (United Kingdom)

Dec 2, 2012 

 very quick 


jv16 (Finland)

Apr 9, 2012

 Excellent work! 


desmondmrgn (India)

Jul 28, 2010 

 Excellent Joomla Expert and Search Marketing expert. Would definitely work with him again. 


desmondmrgn (India)

Jun 30, 2009

 Excellent worker. Always over satisfying. 


fhtvw (United States)

May 31, 2008

 Good communication - very patient. 


twosignedde (Canada)

Oct 17, 2007

 Javier was extremely patient with us on our project and guaranteed our non disclosure agreement would not be breached. His work ethic was strong and the result shows. 


jimbaron (Canada)

Sep 13, 2006

 This project was much more difficult than originally anticipated due to limitations of joomla. At one point it looked like we needed a special add-on which would have cost over $1000 and 8 more days on the schedule. In the end Javier was able to implement a 100% solution in 4 days for no additional cost. He knows his stuff! ...and he has a great sense of style too, which was a bonus! Jim Baron, CEO Jim Baron Marketing 


xbussiere (United States)

Aug 4, 2006

 Excellent person to work with. Did a great design for my site and was very quick and very easy to deal with. Looking forward to working with him again. 


garnet1 (Bridgetown, Barbados)

Jun 7, 2006

 Javier created a great looking design which received rave reviews. He also was able to troubleshoot issues which came up, and assisted with the installation of the application on a new server. Will definitely use again. 


garnet1 (Bridgetown, Barbados)

Dec 31, 2005

 It was the weekend and we had a deliverable for Monday. We asked the worker to throw together a rough implementation if possible, really it was an impossible task and we weren’t expecting anything in such a short time. However, he recognised the difficult situation we were in and put together a proffessional application by Monday. When we did the demo the amount of functionality present made it seem like a full application. Of course we had to tweak the application to match the required functionality, and this is not a way to develop software, but the worker definitely came through for us. We will definitely be using him again. 


dutchict (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Oct 6, 2004

 Completes work on time Thoroughly tests and debugs Sends daily email updates Makes suggestions to improve project (and also implements them) 


mazelab (Marseille, France)

Jul 8, 2004

 Javier has been a real pleasure to work with. He was diligent, actively engaging and at the same time patient when things got a little hectic on our end. We will definitely work with him again and strongly recommend him to everyone. Important: He also has a good eye for design, which is quite rare among workers. 


bengray2 (Australia)

Jun 1, 2004 

 An absolutely sensational worker who is truly dedicated to his work.Responses are prompt and informative, as well as polite. The work this man does is truly sensational.Highly recommended to any developer seeking MySql/PHP work and someone who will help you through configuring and installing databases. 


bengray2 (Australia)

May 14, 2004 

 Absolutly fantastic! Javier went above and beyond the initial bid description and created something that I am not only happy with, but can use for a corporate web template. An excellent worker! 




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