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Questions related to your account (regular membership, not investor account)

Become member of this site is free, because we do not offer any other service than the Private Fund Mgmt.

The main purpose of registering on our site is to become an investor on our Private Fund Mgmt. 

So, after you register, and in order to become an investor you have to make your deposit here: (login first)

Once made your deposit, allow 2 - 3 days to see a document of your deposit and track your profits every month, here: (only visible after made a deposit, not before)

This site is not a Social Network site. Once you have registered (created your account), you have to proceed to make your deposit, and only then you will see your Investor Account reflecting your deposit and profits every month.

If you keep not receiving the verification email (automated email to verify your email), make sure you have a look at your spam box, because sometimes our system emails get into those spam box.

If you still not finding the verification email even in your spam box, then please contact us.

Questions related to your Investor Account (members who invest on the Private Fund Mgmt.)

To become an investor, here are the steps:

STEP 1: Create a regular account (Register) 

STEP 2: Make your deposit here: (login first)

STEP 3: Allow 2 - 3 days to see a document reflecting your deposit and profits every month here: (login first)

Your investor account is updated every 30 days depending on your deposit date, not on every month basis.

Example: if you deposited on the 20th, then your account will be updated around that date next month.

Profits are available for withdraw after the 24th month.
Main deposit (principal) is available for withdraw after the 60th month.

To request a withdraw, please use the form located under your Investor Account menu link and select "Withdrawals" 
Important! You must be logged in, so we can recognize and verify your membership.

Questions related to the Private Fund Mgmt. Investment Program.

Currently we are making between 60 - 200% profit yearly.
Trading is not an exact science, therefore profits can vary.

When you are investing on our Investment Program, you are investing as you were doing it the same way as in a Forex broker, meaning that you know and understand that there is a risk of loss as all brokers in the world clearly state.

The difference here is that you will have professional traders with experience at your service managing your money in order to make it grow and avoid losses.

No, we trade on Forex, CFD, Options and Binary Options.