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My name is Javier Yep Garcia (for those that don't know me yet), I run several trading rooms, including private and non-private rooms and I give signals and advice to private clients/traders including professional traders, fund managers, etc. Many can certify that I am a professional and profitable trader. You will verify it by yourself once we work together.

What Can You Do Here (in this website)?

1- You can Learn How To Trade, The Right Way. All over the internet we see plenty of information (right and wrong information) about trading, lessons, strategies, methods, etc... But the truth is that 90% of what you read out there is just useless and even completely misleading information. In this website you can learn the real and unique way to trade and put the best possibilities on your side. 
To access the Trading Course (by me obviously), Click here.

2- You can start trading directly in our Private Trading Room. The room is running in skype. We trade every day in the EU and US sessions. We trade Currencies, Futures/Indices, Gold, WTI. 
We place positions Intraday mostly but also place medium-long term positions when opportunity arise. To access the room, click here.

3- You can Invest in the Private Fund Mgmt. - Why invest in the Fund? - Trading is a constant work, an every day work. Some or many people just don't have the time or any other reason making impossible to trade every day and perform all the necessary tasks needed to trade successfully. For those persons, the Private Fund Mgmt. is at their dispossal. In other words, We trade for you. 
To learn about the Private Fund Mgmt., click here.


See what people say Live about me. (you can verify these messages in our trading rooms)

And much much more... (We are not going to post them all, right?)


Don't hesitate and contact us:
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Skype: javieryep  (Geneva)