Binary Options Signals TRIAL

Update: The signals room has become a "Trading Advice and Tips" room and is not a Signals room any longer. HERE IS WHY, YOU MUST READ IT.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before you access the Trial Room, you must read this page ENTIRELY! Else, you could get kicked out of the room!

Why do I have to read this page?
You have to read this page because it contains very frequent questions made from users that I can not answer continuosly.
Also, you have to read this page because it contains all the keys you need to understand the signals and the execution of them. Once in the room, I will not answer questions that are already answered here!

1 - Signals only work on Broker because the better/flexible minutes selection. So you must create your demo or real account.

2 - Signals are only for Indices (German Index, French Index and WallStreet Index). No currencies! Please do not ask, I will not bother answering about it. And obviously I trade only during EU SESSION and US SESSION. 

3 - Platform points and understanding for execution:

binary com signals platform

- Make sure you are in the market we are going to trade (German, France or WallStreet)

- Always REFRESH the page before selecting the "Start time" so you can select the first time coming at the top of the selection list. NEVER select "Now".

- Duration will always be in minutes.

- Enter the money you want to use on the trade. ATTENTION! Only use 1 - 10% of your current balance! NEVER use more than that.

- Click "Get Prices" (tip: just by clicking "Enter" it will get the prices.)

- Choose wether Rises or Falls.

4 - Understanding the signals:

In the room I will say like this:

Example 1:
Signal: RISE, expire 40min. (This means you will place a RISE position. I don't need to tell the Start Time because you will always take the first Time showing in the selection list. Remember! Never choose "Now") 

Example 2:
Signal: Risky RISE, expire 180min. (Same as above, but here you will use 1 - 5% max. or your balance because the trade looks risky)

Very often, I say some time before the signals, something like this:

"Getting ready!, in 1 hour from now, signal coming... it will be a FALL signal, expire 30min." 
(This means you have to get prepared at that time for that signal with that direction. Once the time comes I will say: "Do it now!", so you execute what I have indicated just before.)

5 - Tracking the open positions

To track the open positions, please open a new browser tab or window and load "My account/Portfolio", there you will see the list of the positions opened with a green button beside each of them "View"

6 - Enter now the skype room

Rules: Be respectful to others, Do not talk too much, Just talk the important things. This is not a chit-chat room, it is a business room where we make money, nothing else.

Enter the room by clicking here! 


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