Forex, CFD and Binary Options Signals


After numerous and constant requests about providing signals, we decided to start with this service. (normally was limited to only few people). 
Important! Before make payment, Read the Rules below!


This signals service is already being used by Fund Managers, Independent traders, Banks, Investment Houses, etc.


First of all, do not confuse with our free public trading room, which is only a teaser where you can see our success in a glance. No trades/signals are shared in there, just advice.

1- Signals are based on our own trading strategies. 
2- Via skype. Text based or voice if we see fit.
3- Signals can be at any time, Asian, European and US sessions.
4- We trade only specific pairs and instruments. (including currency pairs, DAX, OIL...)
5- Signals can be exact entries including SL and TP levels, but also can be a clear recommendation to enter a SELL or BUY on a given pair or instrument.
6- For Binary Options traders, we suggest you this service ONLY if you are an experienced trader and know how to interprete a Forex, CFD signal and apply them to your Binary Platform.


Our students/traders €50 first month, then €149 every month.
External (non-students) traders €299 every month.
Payment is made via Paypal subscription. (billed automatically every month. You can cancel subscription anytime via your own paypal account)

Our Student Trader Non-Student Trader
Your skype username
Your skype username

Don't use the wrong payment form! You will not get into the room if you cheat and you will not get refunded! 


By respecting the following, you as a non-student, will get ALL THE GOOD from the room.

1- Only Our students/traders can propose signals
2- Non-students/traders can not propose signals, it is absolutely forbidden. Fail to respect this rule will get the trader out of the room WITHOUT WARNING, QUESTION. No refund possible and will be banned forever.
3- The room can accept little chat as long as it is professional. But not long chat is allowed.
4- The non-students can not contact/annoy the other traders/students in a private manner, doing so will get you ejected and banned.
5- This is not an Educational room, it is a pure trading room, therefore, the non-student can not ask questions such "Why do we place this trade?, or Why this, Why that...?" - Doing so, will get you ejected and banned.
Asking for indicators, what to use, how to use, etc... will also get you ejected and banned.


You are the only responsible for your acts. JAVIERYEP.COM and all people working in it are not responsible in any case of any losses you may experience by using our services. Trading and/or investing on Forex, CFD, Options is not suitable for everyone and you are doing it at your own risk and by your own decision.

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